What I do and Why I do it……

(Artist's Statement)

Frank TruebaI have always been interested in drawing, forever doodling throughout grade school and beyond. However, I never had much formal encouragement in an educational system that only had funds to provide a visiting "art teacher" once a month (if we were lucky!). So I turned to other areas of interest, more established "subjects" of a formal curriculum, such as "science" and later, more specifically, "biology" and "wildlife management" (my areas of study in college and grad school).

Science and, more accurately, the biological sciences satisfy my interest in nature, animals, discovery, analysis, and "visuality," if you will. Biology can be a very descriptive and visual science, as opposed to the theoretical bent of physics, mathematics, and chemistry. So my interests in drawing dovetailed nicely with my studies in the biological sciences, where I could be illustrative in my work with cells, plants, and animals. In fact, my undergraduate biological sciences graduation thesis was a historical analysis of the development of anatomical illustration.

Over the past few years I've been taking classes and workshops in acrylic painting, pastels, bookmaking, scientific illustration, and various forms of printmaking. The bulk of my interest and work has been in printmaking, mostly serigraphy and woodblock printing. I find myself drawn to the printing arts for a variety of reasons. Printing, as a medium, satisfies my analytical side with its adherence to technical requirements, whether that be the carving of the wood, the construction of a printing screen, or the planning that goes into designing the piece. Yet, at the same time it satisfies my artistic side with the creativity of subject matter and the ability to experiment with variations in color and design. Additionally, the reproductive nature of the printing allows me to share my original works with many people at the same time.

My website has been designed to explain what I do as well as allow the visitor to view samples of my work in various forms, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I hope you enjoy it.